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In the year 2003 GRAZ, the 2nd largest city of Austria,
 is  was the cultural capital of Europe.

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Inside the Murinsel


Short description and historical survey of GRAZ

Austria's second largest city and capital of the southeastern province of Styria, nestles at the foothills of the Alps astride the Mur river. First settled in the 6th century, Graz (from Slavic "gradec" - little castle) was an important bulwark against the invading Turkish armies in medieval times.

The medieval centre of Graz is well preserved and was pronounced "Worl cultural inheritance" by the UNESCO in 1999.

Today, Graz is a thriving cultural, commercial and university center of about 250,000 inhabitants, the city's 40,000 students providing a distinctly youthful flair. Some 65% of the city is grassland and parks, giving it the nickname "Garden City".

GPS coordinates of Graz: 47°04´ N 15°25´ E


some pics

The sign of Graz, the "Uhrturm" (1561, clockwork from 1712) on the "Schlossberg", a little dolomite rock formation rising to a height of approx. 100 meters above the city.

Karl-Franzens University

Graz_opera.jpg (36400 bytes)
Graz, Opera

Graz University of Music and Drama
Graz_University_of_Technology.jpg (40220 bytes)
Graz University of Technology
Graz_view_from_south.jpg (43951 bytes)
Graz, view from the south

"Leechkirche", a so called "defence-curch" from the 12th century and the "Sanctuary stone" from around 1621, marking the border of the Kommende (area) of the "Order of the German Knights"


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